Tantra Dance is a wonderful dance form for partners which merges their body, heart and soul connection to a deeper level than experienced in ecstatic or social dance.

Ecstatic Dancing opens up a world of personal freedom and expressiveness through connection with one’s inner spirit and movement.  Social Partner Dancing provides an opportunity for those who enjoy it to move their bodies and spirits with another in a safe and exciting space.

Tantra teaches us to have a deeper, heart-felt connection with another through principles such as presence, adoration, sensual touch and a loving heart.

The blending of Tantra with Partner Dancing creates an amazing space for partners to explore movement together as one, adding the deeper connection of full presence to each other, adoration and appreciation of our partner, sensual expression through touch and body movement, and relating with each other from a loving heart.

Art Lashbrook of Dance Makeover hosts regular Tantric Bliss Parties which feature Tantra Dance. He is also available for private lessons.  You can contact him below…

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